Most Memorable Baby Yoda Moments from The Mandalorian Season 1 | A STAR WARS Story

Protocoll Droid GV11-2011 reporting. Content: Most memorable Baby Yoda moments from The Mandalorian Season 1! Relive the moments when The Child, also known as Baby Yoda, was introduced to the world in The Mandalorian Season 1. We also recall the very first time we saw him use Force powers and the countless times he wowed The Mandalorian and his friends. We look forward to seeing Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian Season 2 and beyond! #TheMandalorian #StarWars #BabyYoda ►SUBSCRIBE to Star Wars HQ: http://bit.ly/2iE43Vi ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StarWarsHQ ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/theStarWarsHQ ►Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/starwarshq ►Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/starwarshq ►Website: http://www.StarWarsHQ.com Thanks for watching! Star Wars HQ provides daily Star Wars videos. Have questions, or suggestions? Contact our business email on the about page on our YouTube channel. Star Wars HQ on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/starwarshq

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